Cool Gel Mattress
The most Innovative Product in Bedding is a Mattress that is Totally Cool & Comfortable!

American Bed is now introducing the Cool Gel Mattress, featuring the exclusive CoolBlue Sleep Technology™ permanently bonded memory foam and solid gel cells. This is the perfect combination for a great night's sleep.

Sleep cool, play cool, live cool
• Solid gel cylinders provide more cooling & support
• Permanently bonded visco foam and gel cells
• Reduces vibration and sound waves
• Dramatically absorbs shock
• Anti-microbial

Promotes Health & Wellness
• Lowers body temperature
• Allows for better blood flow
• Reduces pressure & pain to shoulders and hips
• Maintains proper support for spinal alignment
• Conforms to your size, shape and weight
• Increases circulation
• Gives you a deeper night's sleep