Geltech Pillow Comfort in sleeping
Flexibility and cooling comfort combined to perfection. CoolMagic Geltech is an extraordinary pressure relieving material that helps to reduce pain and discomfort.

CoolMagic pillow combines all the right features to ensure your head and neck rest in an ergonomically ideal position to relieve stress on your cervical spine.

Enjoy falling asleep more quickly and sleep through undisturbed. CoolMagic high termal conductivity actively helps to lower skin temperature, for a noticeable cool fresh feeling.

CoolMagic Geltech innovative technology helps you to have a moreĀ  relaxed night sleep.

CoolMAgic pillow reduces the contact surface temperature by approximately 1.5/2 Celcius degrees, when the heat generated by our body is transferred and dispersed.

All CoolMagic Geltech pillows are very durable and retain their elasticity over a long period.



A neck support pillow, pleasantly soft for the greatest comfort even while you sleep, effectively relieves strain on the spine so you wake up refreshed and relaxed.



Anatomically designed support, developed to be the most appealing pillow even to ensure your head and neck rest in an ideal position to relieve stress on your cervical spine.



Recommended for those who prefer thick pillow Bio-Shape pillow cushions your head gently and cosily while supporting your spine so that the build up of tension can be prevented.

About Your CoolMagic Pillow Cover
Coolmax cover is highly permeable by air and has a high heat-regulating capacity, making it an ideal pillow fabric. The hexagonal structure of the fibres ensures that any moisture released during sleep is immediately carried to the external surface of the fabric, where it soon evaporates. Perspiration is reduced, and the body remains pleasantly cool.